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Droitwich Spa Town Council

Can I attend meetings of the council?

Yes, all meetings of the council and its committees must be open to the general public and the press, except in very exceptional circumstances. The time and place of meetings must be advertised beforehand - usually on the parish noticeboard. The Clerk will be able to give you details of forthcoming meetings although in Droitwich Spa these usually are on Monday evenings and start at 6pm in the Council Chamber at St Richard’s House in Victoria Square.  The Calendar of Meetings for the current year is available by clicking here.

Can I speak at the meeting?

You cannot speak while the normal business of the meeting is being conducted. However, it is good practice (which nearly all councils follow) to allow some time at the meeting when members of the public may address the council on an issue that concerns them. In Droitwich Spa this is at 5.45pm normally and the Questiontime Session lasts for 15 minutes.  Questions have to be registered with the Clerk by 1pm on the day of the meeting. 

Can I see the minutes of council meetings and other papers?

Under the Freedom of Information Act 200 you may see and have a copy of the 'recorded' information held by the council (unless it is classed as exempt information in the Act). This includes reports, minutes, correspondence and emails. The information has to be provided within 20 working days. There may be a photocopying charge.

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Resources Committee

Agendas Reports Minutes Appendices to mins
Agenda - 1st April 2019   Minutes - 1st April 2019  
Agenda - 10th June 2019   Minutes - 10th June 2019  
Agenda - 29th July 2019   Minutes - 29th July 2019  
Agenda - 14th October 2019   Minutes - 14th October 2019  
Agenda - 9th December 2019   Minutes - 9th December 2019  
Agenda - 13th January 2020   Minutes - 13th January 2020  
Agenda-10th February 2020   Minutes-10th February 2020  
Agenda 2nd March 2020   Minutes-2nd March 2020  
6th April 2020   Cancelled due to Covid-19  
Agenda - 8th June 2020   Minutes - 8th June 2020  
Agenda - 28th July 2020      
Agenda - 7th September 2020