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Droitwich Spa Town Council

Droitwich Spa French Twinning Group

Droitwich Spa is twinned with the town of Voiron which lies near Grenoble in the foothills of the French Alps. With about 20,000 inhabitants, Voiron is similar in size to Droitwich. It is particularly notable for its large outdoor market and for the production of the liqueur, Chartreuse. Voiron is less than an hour’s drive from the city of Lyons which can be reached by inexpensive flights from Birmingham.

The Twinning Charter between the two towns was signed in 2010 so the link with Voiron is a relatively recent one. Twinning is administered in Voiron by the English Club Voiron on behalf of the local town hall who take a great interest in twinning activities.

The Droitwich Spa French Twinning Group is an independent group with an elected chairman and committee which is funded through members’ subscriptions and fundraising activities throughout the year and does not rely on grants or local authority support. We are, however, privileged to have the town Mayor as President of our group.

Our aim is to promote friendship and understanding by visiting families and individuals for a long weekend every two years and by receiving visitors in the alternate years. We also encourage and facilitate links between schools, clubs and other groups. But we also have a full programme of social activities within our Droitwich group for those who enjoy making new friends.

Full details are on our website:

Droitwich Spa German Twinning Group

Droitwich Spa has been twinned with Bad Ems, another Spa town, in Germany through a joint Twinning Charter signed in 1983. Since then visits have taken place in alternate years to each Town.

Bad Ems as the crow flies is 840Km (550 miles) from Droitwich Spa and lies in the beautiful Lahn Valley close to Koblenz, which is where the Moselle and Rhine rivers meet. It is about midway between Cologne and Frankfurt and is easily reached by various modes of transport.

Twinning is all about people from all walks of life, from similar towns or cities and from two (or more) countries who join together to exchange friendship and culture by visiting each other’s towns as individuals, school groups, or clubs.

Droitwich Spa German Twinning Group is not a “jolly on the rates” and never has been. All expenses are paid for from either member’s pockets or fund raising events and not from the Council Tax payers.

More information can be found by visiting our web site which is: