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Droitwich Spa Town Council

Allotment Gardens

General Information

There are four allotment sites owned and operated by the Town Council. They are located as follows;

  • Chawson Lane – accessed along New Chawson Lane, past Chawson Barns and under the by-pass flyover
  • Copcut Park – accessed via Colford Walk from Worcester Road, opposite Red Lion pub
  • Westwood Lodge – located on the roundabout at the junction of Briar Mill and Westwood Way, past Droitwich High School in the direction of Westlands
  • Vines Lane – located on Vines Lane just before the railway bridge

Applications to go onto the Waiting List for an allotment tenancy can only be made by persons living within the civil parish of Droitwich Spa and have to be renewed annually.

An Allotments Tenancy runs for 12 months from 1st April each year but is automatically renewed unless notice is given in writing by either the tenant or Droitwich Spa Town Council.

Charges are set by the Town Council and currently the annual allotment rent is £40.00 for the sites at Chawson Lane, Copcut Park and Westwood Lodge.  In addition, actual water usage is rechargeable and is based on the previous year’s usage.  Membership of the Allotments Association is currently £3.00 per annum and is applicable to all tenants.  

Rent at the Vines Lane site is £30.00 per annum as there is no water supply.

A reduction of £5.00 is applied to the rent of those tenants in receipt of State pension or registered disabled.

Westwood Lodge Allotment Site is the only site that accommodates half plots for which the rent is £27.50 per annum with a discount of £5.00 where applicable.

An invoice will be issued in respect of the annual rental, usually in February.

Inspection Regime

Inspections by Town Council staff will take place at quarterly intervals and in the meantime monthly site reports may be made by the Site Representatives.  Once it has been identified that an allotment garden tenant is not complying with the Rules – most probably by not cultivating their plot sufficiently, if at all, the following method will be applied: 

  1. A letter will be sent from the Town Clerk’s Office querying the reason for the non-adherence to the rules and advising that the tenant has 6 weeks to make improvements to the plot.   The letter will also state that should there be any further occurrences within the next three years then the tenant shall be risking immediate eviction. 
  2. No further action will be taken should it be deemed that the tenant has a justified reason for non-adherence over a determinate length of time. 
  3. Otherwise, after a period of six weeks the plot will be inspected by the Town Council’s staff and a decision made as to whether compliance has been achieved.  If it has been achieved, then no further action will be taken and this will be conveyed in writing to the tenant and the warning be reiterated not to neglect the plot again otherwise there is the risk of immediate eviction.
  4. Should there be no improvement over the 6 week period then the tenant is deemed to have defaulted on the Tenancy Agreement and an eviction letter is sent.       

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