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Droitwich Spa Town Council

Mayoral Report 2022-2023

Mayoral Report 2022/2023

Friends, colleagues and fellows of Droitwich Spa, thank you for joining us today in this magnificent Community Hall to hear about the work of our Town Council over the last year and moving forwards. My year started with a day of great pride, with our Town’s Annual General Meeting and Mayor Making Ceremony last May. From this exciting start, I have been supported by my friends and family in all aspects of Civic Life, representing the Community of Droitwich Spa through the year and continuing until next May.

I had expected a busy and active year as the Pandemic restrictions lifted, people’s confidence grew, life got back to normal and many sought new ways to get involved with the Community and world around them. With this came invitations from every walk of life, sometimes more than could be easily managed but nevertheless always appreciated – so to all who included me and made me welcome and a part of their year, “Thank you.” National Celebrations proceeded with the Milestone of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in June. The local celebrations in Droitwich Spa included the Pageantry of the National Beacon Trail, numerous street parties and an amazing Town Centre Showcase Event featuring local talent & Performing Arts. Of course, this sense of joy and wellbeing was shaded with deep sadness just a few months later with the passing of Her Late Majesty. The Town Council had plans in place for the London Bridge Protocol in the event of the passing of our Monarch, but everyone had hoped that the moment would never come. The Town showed strong solidarity and support for the People of Ukraine during the year. This included the candle lit vigil at Lido Park in April and welcoming & hosting many affected & displaced families. These values demonstrate compassion, friendship and the strength of Community Spirit in times of great difficulty and hardship. Hundreds gathered outside St Richard’s House last September to be part of our National History with the Proclamation of the Ascension for our New King – Charles III. I hope to see many of you again for the Coronation during the Special Bank Holiday Weekend next May.

The Town Council maintained business as usual for the 2022 Bands in the Park Programme resurrecting the full schedule for the first time in two years. I had the traditional honour of introducing and welcoming the first band. As part of every Mayoral Year, I was very proud to preside over the Town’s Parade and Memorial Act for Remembrance in November. As always the Community showed incredible respect and dutiful support with attendance. Then we had our Christmas Lights Switch on Event in late November that featured many festive attractions including Santa to help turn on the lights. 

Whilst commemorating the past and celebrating in the present are important, planning for the future is vital. For this, I would like to show appreciation to the Droitwich Spa Town Council Standing Committees. The Resources Committee have ensured strong financial policy and diligence, maintaining our precept for the next year to keep the same the portion that residents pay towards the budget of this Council for the third successive year. Our Communities & Amenities Committee have ensured a great place to live by managing our Municipal Planting arrangements, investing in our Museum & allotment sites, and securing the return of our Weekly Charter Market from this April. Then the Planning Committee have been a part of decisions and policies working with Wychavon District Council, being a part of the SWDPR consultation, collaborating on the Town Centre Prospectus and taking forward the production for a Neighbourhood Plan. For their dedication and deliberation, thank you to my fellow Councillors that make up these Committees.

Other notable achievements this past year included the rebuilding of the Pavilion at King George V Playing Fields, which saw great Community Collaboration from the “Sports for All Partnership” working closely with our Town and District Councils. The wider scheme development secured top standard stadia and practice pitch facilities, which in turn has provided the Towns Salt Men Football Team with an impressive new home venue. As a hugely sporting Town, it is no surprise that similarly impressive work has been completed for the St Peters Cricket Pavilion on the other side of town.

Having had the pleasure of being part of so many special occasions this year including , welcoming new business & support services opening in the Town, schools and care home visits, AGM’s and formal dinners, I  would not be able to thank everybody individually in the short time available this evening. I would like to make special mention to the Civic Society, the Lions Club and the Rotary Club who support our Town with their hugely positive contributions and work for the Community. All three of these Organisations have helped me towards my Charity fund raising this year, which is very much appreciated. I would also like to thank my Charities themselves – the Droitwich Council for Voluntary Services and the Pamela May Trust who support our Town incredibly well, just as they have helped me this year. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation for the support I’ve received from my family, particularly my mother who has stepped in as my Consort on many occasions. I would also like to thank Councillor Mrs Kate Fellows for her work as Deputy Mayor and the Town Council Officers for their guidance & help. It has been a great Honour to represent and serve the Community of Droitwich Spa as Town Mayor this past year.

Councillor George Duffy

Mayor of Droitwich Spa