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The Crest of Droitwich Spa Council

Droitwich Spa Town Council

General Press and Media Statement

March 2023

Droitwich Spa Town Council is pleased to announce the following updated information from the Community & Amenities and the Resources Committee Meetings held on Monday evening 27th February 2023. These are all Community matters in progress prior to the onset of the Local Elections during May 2023.

Band Concerts Programme and Coronation Weekend 2023

The Sunday afternoon Band Concerts in the Lido Park has been arranged for 20 weekends starting in May until later in September. These free open access performances are popular with residents, family groups and visitors every year. The Band Concert Programme extends by 4 additional weekends this year.

The opening date of 7th May 2023 coincides with the special bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III. The Sunday Concert will feature additional entertainment and a community showcase from various local groups and organisations. Residents and visitors are invited to come along and enjoy the afternoon in the beautiful setting of the Lido Park as part of the national celebrations. Full details of the dates programme will be published during April.

Memorial Seating for Covid19 Pandemic

A Commemorative Bench is being arranged for placement in the front ornamental garden of St Richards House. This is intended as a quiet place for people to sit in contemplation & reflection within the garden setting, in special memory for all of the local people that have been sadly lost to the Covid 19 Pandemic from March 2020. This Initiative has been taken forward from a suggestion put forward by Councillor A Humphries during December 2022 and it is anticipated that the bench will be in place for the start of this year’s summer planting.  

The inscription will read:   

“This Memorial Bench has been provided from a proposal made by Councillor Alan Humphries on 12th December 2022. In consideration for a place of quiet contemplation and reflection towards all the people affected by and lost through the Covid 19 Pandemic from March 2020 onwards, including many friends, family, local residents and key workers in Droitwich Spa. You remain in our hearts forever.

Droitwich Spa Town Council

February 2023”

Friday Weekly Charter Market – Victoria Square

The weekly Charter Market will resume on Victoria Square every Friday from 21st April 2023. This is a joint collaboration between the Town Council and Bluebell Events. A full press announcement will follow before the opening week.

The Farmers Market starts again for 2023 on the first Saturday of every month from 4th March.

Public Realm Improvements 

Various public realm area improvements are currently in process including:

  • The War Memorial area on Victoria Square- refurbished planters, surface repairs and replacement paving ready for Easter.
  • Spring Meadow/ Door Step Green – improved pathway access and replacement boundary line fencing.
  • Copcut Park- Arboreal work and attention to the in & out flow of the large pond from the Copcut Stream water source.