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The Crest of Droitwich Spa Council

Droitwich Spa Town Council

Droitwich Spa Town Council meetings are now live-streamed on YouTube

Every full council and committee meeting will now be streamed live on YouTube after new equipment was purchased.

The new video equipment will present a split screen of all the councillors and council officers present at the meetings, as well as a wide screen view of the entire Council Chamber in St Richard’s House.

This new technology was trialled tor the first time on Monday 12/6/2023 at the Planning, Community and Amenities and Resources committee meetings.

The next Full Council meeting will be live-streamed on the channel @droitwichspatowncouncil at 6pm Monday (June 19). Search ‘Droitwich Spa Town Council’ on YouTube to watch future meetings, or to catch up and watch previous meetings streamed. Droitwich Spa Town Council – YouTube

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